Hazardous waste

What is hazardous waste? There's a simple definition.

Waste is hazardous if there's anything about it that might be harmful to human health or the environment.

Nevertheless, waste might not be immediately toxic, though still classed as hazardous.  It might be hazardous, but could become non-hazardous if you remove the offending component.  And it might be classed as always hazardous, like fluorescent tubes and lead acid batteries, or never hazardous, like edible oils, or possibly hazardous, like ink or paint.

Confusing? It certainly is if you're trying to run a business alongside having to worry about these considerations. And due to the fact that the list of hazardous waste classifications is growing, and now runs into hundreds, the burden of legislation and expectation on businesses is increasing too.

Fortunately, at Glazewing we can relieve you of the burden by handling your hazardous waste expertly and professionally. We can help you by assessing and classifying it in the first place, then we can provide personalised handling instructions, appropriate containers, regular collections and safe and efficient disposal at fully licensed disposal sites.

We'll even prepare all the necessary documentation on your behalf. So your waste may be hazardous, but with our specialist help, it needn't be a worry.

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