Glazewing: a one contractor solution

The total waste management and recycling experts - with the emphasis on 'total'.

We've been providing outstanding waste management, recycling and metals trading services for over twenty-five years throughout the East Anglia region. During that period, we’ve been pioneers in environmental responsibility and are dedicated to providing the ultimate solution in environmentally-conscious waste management and metals processing, taking all disposal problems off clients’ hands and putting collected materials through the most comprehensive and technically advanced recycling processes.

We take a dynamic approach to practical, ethical and legislative developments, anticipating change and helping our clients satisfy existing and new requirements without disrupting their core activities.

Our capability is based on long experience, forward thinking, continuous training and a policy of recruiting staff of the highest caliber. Our aspiration is always to provide absolute expertise and outstanding service in waste management and recycling in every category.

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Did you know that
we recycled
tonnes of material
in 2011
Lets break it down:
Cardboard 7,200
Concrete 6,500
Food waste 2,000
Green waste 1,400
Inert (soils) 12,500
Metals 59,000
Plasterboard 1,100
Plastics 2,600
Tyres 1,300
Waste to energy 1,650
Wood 6,000